Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tohoku Smile pt. 1

Yesterday I put on a very big event.

I had near 14 or 15 bands come on a professional stage with 1,500 seats. I had fire dancers. Crafts. Bake sale. Games. Face painting. An art gallery. Free massages, donation booths, and an artist doing free likeness drawings.

And right now what I want to do is cry. A lot of it went really well. So much of it went perfect. But almost nobody knew about the main stage or the area with crafts, etc. so attendance was really, really low in those areas and my heart feels a bit like it has been cracked.

I won't give up, and I will do more and be more successful at it, but it is really sad for me. I knew PR would be a big thing, and I really tried hard for it, but it just didn't happen well enough. I did my best though--went on TV and the Radio, and talked with newspapers even though they had to cancel the article....But it breaks my heart.

We did well for six weeks. Less than that really. Six weeks from deciding to do it, to doing it isn't half bad. Probably took almost three weeks to even find a location that would work and find out whether it would actually be okay to use it. And it was in Japan, in Japanese, and on my own with my husband there to help me. So I know I did really well...I did. But it is still sad. :-(

The stage and everything else was SO awesome though. So many things went right. And a lot of really wonderful people pitched in. For that I am the exact opposite. I am very, very happy.

Must sleep, but will post more about that later. ^^


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